voiceover recording

in Spanish, Catalan, English...
& audiovisual POST-PRODUCTION

«Not every voiceover sounds the same, neither it transmits the same impression to the client.»

The studio offers voiceover recording services, for local and international companies and agencies, presential or online,

And also audiovisual post-production (sound design, musical montage, audio mixing...).

With more than 200 choices of voiceover talents living in Barcelona, in Spanish and Catalan -with many of the top voices in Spain-, and also in English, French, German, neutral Spanish (Latin America), Italian...
With a first class acoustics and signal chain.
The goal is to obtain a great interpretative result that serves every project.

During the sessions we can communicate with the client via Skype or Source Connect if needed.

for a budget request and obtain access to the voice-over demos.

Some examples:

Some of our clients and projects: