Voice & post-production recording studio
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The recording studio, based in Barcelona, Spain, offers online voiceover recording services in Spanish, also in Catalan, and English, French and more languages as well. Working for local and international companies and agencies since 2007.

Contact and receive recommendations to find the optimal voice-over talent for you, or browse the Voice Bank and filter the voices by language, genre, age, application…



Ads for TV, Internet, radio… The best voice to communicate the message and make it stand out from the competition!


The studio works with many of the top voice actors in Spain – the ones who dub to Spanish a lot of star actors!


The studio has produced many music along the years. We will find a voice for your project and make it sound great!


The voiceover used in a corporate video is also an element of corporate image, and crucial to what needs to be communicated.


A lot of apps need voiceover material. The studio can provide the optimal voice according to your needs.


An appealing voice, that will speak smoothly and clearly, and will keep the audience interested in the content.


All kind of multimedia learning, such as Spanish language courses, corporate instructional material, online education, etc.


Voice actors with the required voice characteristics (engaging, energizing…) to keep the gamer motivated!


We are lucky to have a great selection of voices who are experienced in animation characters. Talent, fun and creativity!


Good narrators to keep the story interesting, and make each character’s voice distinctive enough to keep the listeners engaged.

Telephony systems - IVR

This voice will be the first contact for your clients, so it must sound flawless and transmit trust and will of service.


The studio has produced many guided meditations. A relaxing soft voice will guide the users through the practice.

  • Audio quality (equipment, room acoustics), also in remote recordings.
  • Voice direction in the recording sessions to ensure the best interpretative result that serves every project.
  • Remote connection via Source Connect Pro, SessionLinkPRO, Skype… with the talent and the client to attend the recording if needed.
  • User area for registered customers, with a Voice Bank browser with extended functionality, download capability for the demo files, and a personal file transfer area.
  • Attention to detail in your project, with the best service and communication in every step.

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